Chemical or Organic Fertilizer??

When it comes time to fertilize your lawn the decision on what you use follows. Should you use chemical fertilizer or go organic? Well, lets talk about that…


Some people could be turned away by this terrifying word, but technically both types of fertilizers are chemicals. In this case the word organic doesn’t take on the same standards of processing as food. The main difference between organic and chemical is how the fertilizer is processed. Organic fertilizer is kept in its natural form, rather than processed and refined. Organic fertilizer won’t bring results over night, but that’s because the process in which the materials break down will be following natures rules. Chemical fertilizer has already had the nutrients refined to its purest form, which rarely occurs in nature. Therefore you could see results much faster, since the nutrients will be available to the plants immediately.

Now the decision comes to YOU. Which do you prefer?

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