Adding a pond to your landscape!

Cascade waterfall in Japanese garden in Bonn

Adding a pond to your landscape is a beautiful touch, and a great eye catcher. You have tons of options when it comes to creating YOUR personalized pond, but there are some important steps to take before jumping to your design. First you must decide which kind of pond you would like. Do you want a home for Koi fish, Aquatic plants, or even just have it for the sound of a waterfall. Next you figure out how large you’d like it to be.  A common mistake when building ponds is making them too small which will limit what you put in them. You could design a pond with 225 gallons of water, or go to the extreme of 13,000 gallons. Finally before starting your building process comes a very important step, where you would like to have your pond. Would you like it as you walk up to your front door, or in your back yard near your patio. If you would like to have a fish pond, it’s important to make sure the pond gets enough sunlight. After you’ve taken all these important steps you can finally start designing your dream pond.

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