Sprinklers and Summer

Two Children Running Through Garden Sprinkler

Everyone has memories of playing in their sprinkler during the hot summer days. Not only was this a fantastic way to stay cool, but it was a lot of fun. This Summer as the kids come out to play set your sprinkler up in a way that the kids will enjoy it, but so will your landscape. Irrigation is a essential process in germinating seeds and keeping the roots of your plants from being dry. Irrigation is necessary for the absorption of mineral nutrients by the plants from the soil. Just make sure to not over water one area, or that could be bad for your lawn as well. Always move your sprinkler to a different spot after about an hour. Conserving water is also something everyone should try to do. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Aerating your lawn before water to help the ground absorb more water.
  • Avoid evaporation of your sprinkler’s water by turning it on early in the morning on a calm day.
  • Do not water on a windy day, or towards the evening. Leaving your lawn wet overnight makes your grass more prone to disease.

Have more questions on irrigation and lawn care? We can help.

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