Mothers Day Garden

Mothers day is just a few days away, and what better way to make your mom smile than with some beautiful flowers. Here are some flowers to plant out in your garden that you could also cut and bring inside!

  • Cleome – An elegant half-hardy annual with a long flowering period through summer and autumn. ‘Violet Queen’ grows to about 4 ft, and Blooms last well in vases.

Cleome Spinosa

  • Cosmos – This has attractive daisy-like petals and feathery foliage, and produces an exceptionally large number of flowers with regular cutting.

Cosmos Flower

  • Antirrhinum – Commonly known as snapdragons, antirrhinums have bushy, colorful spikes that make them a florists’ favorite. They come in a huge range of colors.

Pink orange Antirrhinum majus dragon flower

  • Nicotiana sylvestris – Reaching 5 ft high, the tobacco plant makes an eye-catching statement at the back of the border. Its tubular, white flowers are beautifully fragrant and, unlike many other half-hardy annuals it will thrive in semi-shade as well as direct sunlight.


    Nicotiana tabacum

    These are great options to start your mothers day garden. They are beautiful flowers that add lots of color, and great smelling fragrances. Have more questions on these flowers or more? We at Creative Vision Landscaping can help.

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