Gardening on your patio!

So you finally have your personally designed patio, and now it’s time to add some detail! Here are some gardening tips to make your patio stand out even more…

Ripe tomatoes in garden ready to harvest

First you must choose the appropriate containers for your patio garden. Containers made from recycled materials are great, and also any container with a water reservoir to prevent your plants from drying out fast. Avoid clay pots because they absorb water. The larger the container, the less often you have to water your plants. Also larger containers allow your plants more room to grow, while also allowing you to plant them far enough apart so the entire plant gets sufficient sun exposure. Plastic or metal garbage cans, plastic or wooden crates or even plastic storage boxes are suitable containers in which to grow vegetables. Just be sure to drill or punch holes in the bottom of the containers to provide adequate drainage. If you are using some type of wooden barrel or crate, be sure that the wood wasn’t treated with a chemical preservative because this can seep into the soil.

Next you decide what it is you’d like to grow! If you want to grow lettuce, spinach, radishes, peas or beans, you can grow all of these from seed without having to start the seeds inside in advance. If you want to grow other things such as tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, eggplant or other vegetables, you may want to buy starter plants. You can start these plants from seed, you would need to have a warm, sunny location in which to do it, and you’d have to do it a minimum of two months before you wanted to plant them outside. Once planted, your container vegetable garden will need water regularly. Water your plants early in the morning so that the leaves and soil can dry out during the day. If you water at night the leaves will remain wet. This will bring unwanted insects to this water source, and they can carry diseases that will harm your plants.

For more tips and tricks, contact us at Creative Vision Landscaping! Happy Gardening!

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