Building an outdoor kitchen for your patio!

Building an outdoor kitchen can get expensive, but don’t let that stop you. Here are some ways to still have your outdoor kitchen and not break the bank!

Outdoor living space ready for dinner

Buying a pre-made outdoor grill island or bar-style structure

This can help to eliminate costly custom improvements like concrete counter tops and stone bases. It’s also a great solution for homeowners who would like to take the grilling station with them to their future home.

Use metal tubs for keeping your drinks cool

A metal tub on a stand with ice for chilling drinks is an inexpensive detail that will make a lot of difference. Sometimes outdoor drink service and seating are all you really need to enjoy your backyard.

Use coal or propane cooking stations

Adding anything that requires a contractor or professional, like electrical or plumbing, will add up quickly. Positioning your outdoor kitchen near an entrance or close to a water hose for easy clean up.

For more tips and tricks contact Creative Vision Landscaping. We can help make your visions come to life!

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